AB Teach Experience

The AB Teach Experience is an event consisting of various Master Classes and Workshops taught by current professional dancers. Experiences will consist of Ballet Technique Class, Pointe Class, Men’s Class, Variations Class, Corps de Ballet Workshop, Question and Answer Segment with the Teachers, and others!


Each AB Teach Experience will be different and classes will vary!

  • Ballet Technique Class

    Taught at the Professional level, experience the type of class Company members take on a daily basis. While emphasis will always be on clean, correct technique, we will be incorporating artistry and coordination of movement that will later help when learning and interpreting choreography.

  • Pointe Class

    Instructed by ballerinas in pointe shoes to correctly demonstrate steps and the use and presentation of the feet.

  • Men - Technique and Variations

    Instructed by dansuers, this class will work on steps from the male technique syllabus and male variations.

  • Ladies - Variations Class

    Work on variations from various classical and neoclassical ballets with the ballerinas who currently perform them. Hear their tips, inspiration, and motivation behind the choreography.

  • Ladies - Corps de Ballet Workshop

    Dancing in the Corps de Ballet is usually where most professional careers begin. Learn what it means to dance in the Corps de Ballet from current Corps de Ballet members. Requiring a technique in and of its own, we will work on different Corps de Ballet sections of ballets in this Workshop.

  • Question & Answer

    Ever want to know how your favorite dancers got to where they are today? What their favorite ballet/role is? If they ever had a funny mishap on stage? What their opinion is on going to college versus dancing in a company? Here is your chance to ask!

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